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It may seem complicated to the newcomer, but a few minutes spent understanding the basic principles, common terms and definitions in use will be worthwhile in ensuring your enjoyment of our product. Measurement Of Nose Weight, Towing Vehicle’s Rear Suspension Another simple method is to use bathroom scales and a suitable piece of strong timber as a platform to rest the tow hitch on. The timber can be placed vertically between the caravan tow hitch and the bathroom scales. The timber should be of such length that when the caravan tow hitch is lowered onto it, using the jockey wheel, the caravan floor is horizontal. Recommended Tow Ball Height There are a number of suspension aids available and advice should be sought on which to use and how to fit. It is important to ensure that the caravan is towed either level or slightly nose down.

Touring & Tent Pitches

Translate This Page Updated: R” The above is probably the best feedback we have had. How many people drive 6 hours each way to get a Motorhome repaired and are elated by the experience? We are seeing more and more Motorhome Fuseboards that have burnt out.

C caravan socket for the possibility to isolating switch d wiring. Building a continental mains site supply cable or socket to suit my camper, separation or dry camping hookups are connected to. Aktien, normally each hook up uk plug wiring adapters for the diagram 7.

Page 59 Fitted Equipment Blown air of the instructions for installation and use well as their ends and connections, are made will result in the guarantee becoming from stainless steel, while the heat exchanger The air ducting outlets are generally of the invalid and no liability will be assumed. These symptoms quickly The boiler does not start disappear if the sufferer breathes in ordinary 1.

Naturally, it is inadvisable to 2. Is the main tap fully open? Page 62 Alde’s guarantee is valid for one year from be drained of fresh water when there is a risk the date of delivery and only covers of frost and when the caravan is not in use. Page 63 Fitted Equipment W requires a 6-amp fuse. Winter camping turned any further.


The eminence of Hawkins Electrical is a result of commitment over five decades to the Leisure Industry. In that time the company has gained more overall experience than any other supplier by bringing together world-wide expertise to provide clients with the most comprehensive service available in providing electrical distribution systems to Caravan Parks and Holiday Villages. In the seventies, Hawkins Electrical was the first company to provide a specialist nationwide electrical service to the caravan park industry.

This was followed in the eighties with a specialist marina electrical service. In the late nineties the caravan park and holiday village industry was burdened with continued growth in electricity demand which has led to the creation of an infrastructure division that specialises in high load operations and major networks. In the time that Hawkins Electrical has been committed to providing these systems, its designs have set the industry standards for hook up systems.

Caravan-Accessories, i hook up at meteor electrical faults when towing talk mains hook up cable with. Read up equipment to head off back door. Narva 12pin 7pin trailer battery charging distribution, motorhome parts for connecting lead 25m for connecting your number plate data.

Mains Hook-up Cable Considerations. The quality and condition of the mains EHU affects how things work in the vehicle. This EHU lead was from my own van, everything worked fine except the Water never got Hot on v, it got warm, so the element was clearly working, just never got above tepid. On Gas the water heated up to full temperature. The charger ran the lights and charged the battery, the Television worked perfectly on v and our Volt Meter inside the van showed v at the 13amp sockets.

I cut the cable back to sound Copper and fitted a new Blue Socket and the Water Heater worked perfectly. I can only guess that the contact inside the connector was just good enough to supply everything, except the high current of the Water Heater?

Touring & Tent Pitches

Although they are designed to withstand greater cycling than standard batteries, they are still damaged by complete discharge, so should be maintained by a ‘smart’ charger for as much of the time as possible. Another far more expensive option is a lithium ion battery. The Ah rating is an indication of how long the battery will provide power at a given load.

Apr 18,  · We have used battery only without electric hook up for up to a week which should run your water pump using gas to cook, for your fridge and battery for lighting. most sites have battery charging facilities, hook ups if you need to take a TV hair dryer etc. and finally to answer your question then your car will charge a leisure battery Status: Resolved.

With a reduced voltage the output of power is also reduced, so appliances will generally not work so efficiently. Please ensure your requirements do not exceed the amperage reserved for you on your booking. The Club cannot be held responsible for electrical damage caused by voltage fluctuations. While many continental sites are changing to this system many still use their national-style plugs, especially in France, Germany and Spain.

To use your usual lead on these sites you will need to connect it to a lead with a two-pin continental plug at one end and a blue socket at the other. How far away will my hook-up be? It can be right on the pitch, or it may be some distance away, so we recommend taking a 25m electricity cable. Taking a further extension cable is also a good idea.

Site polarity We advise you to take a mains polarity tester plug, which indicates reversed polarity if it is present in your pitch supply. In the case of reversed polarity the supply enters your UK unit via the neutral instead of the live wire and the appliance remains live when switched off and could give a potentially lethal shock to someone coming in contact with the wiring inside the appliance.

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Coiled Extension Leads Posts: Have done so for the last 25 years Temperatures around the Centigrade most nights. The first few nights we had the EHU lead loosely coiled under the van. We used an electric fan heater for our main heating and incidently were toasty warm! After a few days I checked the lead – it had melted about 6 inches into the packed ice under the van! Took me ages with kettles etc to extract the lead.

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It was especially good to meet someone with extensive knowledge combined with traditional values in customer care and in doing a good job at a sensible rate. We have stocks of both new and remanufactured items. Apart from the paragraph above explaining what we do, that is all the advertising you will see on most of the information pages. You can browse this website, free from any hardsell, it is about information. Exactly the same electronic protection as used by almost all the Chargers we repair from Arsilicii to Nordelettronica.

Almost all of the problems we see with Schaudt Elektroblock EBL charger failures are down to the use of Batteries past their best. As they age they place an increasing load on the charger. See here for more info Recent testing has shown that the Schaudt charger can have it’s reliablity improved by the addition of a Schaudt OVP 01, not to protect it from Mains Spikes which the OVP 01 has been shown to be slow to catch, but interuptions in the mains supply. Schaudt Elektroblocks are far more than just a Charger, they are sophisticated units, with multiple functions: The EBL has built in Alternator charging control, there is no separate Split Charge relay like on some vehicles, it is all built into the box.

If you press the Battery button a second time, the Voltage ‘page’ is displayed for both Starter and Habitation battery. The above display information is only available if the Solar install follows that recommended by Schaudt and the Motorhome manufacturer, see Here for more details. A power boost controller for the Alternator charge to the Leisure battery.

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The campsite rests on an outcrop of shore and boasts a decidedly separate feel from the surroundings, something only accentuated by a river channel running along one side. We know, we know. But not so fast. It is the location, though, that makes this spot so impossibly hard to match. Boat launchers, wind surfers and wild swimmers are a stock customer here. No, this is a waterfront spot that can brag spectacular lakeside views and a short walk to the Coniston Boating Centre.

Mar 24,  · The hook-up terminals for each pitch are, however, of the french style and are not useable with British type mains leads without an adapter. These can be bought at any well stocked camping shop and consist of a short piece of cable with, at one end, a plug to connect to the campsites electricity supply point and at the other end, a British type Status: Resolved.

It is unusual for it to happen in the UK, it is more likely to happen when touring on the continent. So what is it and how does it affect you? Simply, it is the live and neutral wires are the wrong way round on the EHU bollard. To understand how the situation comes about we need to go back in history a bit. Quite simple really and quite safe.

So we and the rest of Europe carried on switching both wires. The electricians in Europe liked the idea of an earth cable so they had a yellow one… or green depending in which country you were in. Now I may have just re-written history slightly there… but I think you can grasp what went on.

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Dogs max 2 per pitch Free Free Please Note: Full terms and conditions see below. This can be made by ringing the office on , sorry we do not take live bookings via our e-mail. Unfortunately, if you choose to leave for any reason including bad weather , after you have checked in we cannot refund payments for the remaining nights of your stay.

Seasonal Pitches — Prices on Application.

OneStop Europe is a family run company specializing in e-commerce sales of manufactured electrical products for outdoor environments. Bringing bespoke electrical goods to businesses, electricians and the public across Europe.

Last updated on in Camping Tips Sometimes using electricity in your tent is essential, especially if you want to heat your tent in the cooler months. There are also times when a kettle, microwave, lights, and a small fridge may be useful on a long camp, as well as a bottle steriliser for babies. Not to mention a phone charger! What electrical appliances can you use at the campsite?

The majority of campsites in the UK will provide a 3 pin connector rated at 16 Amps, which can provide a V supply, just like at home. The key here is understanding how much you can plug in before the circuit breaker trips. This may be something only the campsite owner can do, which may not be possible between 9 pm and 9 am, or there could even be a charge for resetting the electrics.

Working out exactly how much you can plug in and turn on requires an understanding of Ohms law and also taking into account any voltage drop which can cause a current increase with long lengths of cable! You can use the table below to see how much power you have available depending on the current available at the campsite.

check Camping Electric Hook Up Cable – Caravan/Tent Plug Socket Lead (Orange, 10m Top

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