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Evaluating the Contemporaneity of Households at the Eden-Farson site Archaeologists often rely on absolute dating methods, but the standard deviations associated with This issue is particularly relevant to the Shoshone Protohistoric site of Eden-Farson located in southwest Wyoming. The campsite consists of at least 11 discrete excavation units and is associated with a successful communal game drive of over pronghorn. Yet the sheer number of pronghorn and the ambiguous nature of the near-surface cultural deposits have left researchers debating whether it represents a single occupation associated with a single successful game drive. Using a multivariate refit model, I have performed a bilateral refit analysis to identify links between the excavation units. Strong evidence for contemporaneity of Eden-Farson excavation units comes from 38 linkages between 10 of the 11 proveniences. Coeval occupation of the separate houses also allows for an analysis of food-sharing behaviours. With the last game drive occurring in the s, the Eden-Farson site provides a rare opportunity to examine the social organisation of communal hunting.

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You never know what might happen at the last minute. Here are five things you should have in your speaker emergency kit that I recommend. You might have more to add but I think that every… more “Customer is King”, a globally popular phrase holds true for every business irrespective of its domain, size and market presence.

Not a person intent on injuring, immobilizing, or otherwise incapacitating you, of course. Not a person intent on raping your mother, sister, or girlfriend.

I am very, very tired of hearing the budget excuse. There is always extra money available when they want to hire a new administrator, or give an administrator a raise. It shows where their priorities are, and it is not with the students or faculty; it is with themselves. It is a horrendous situation at the university, with extremely lacking leadership. There are issues, however, that I have not seen covered yet.

First, reading the Butte County Homeless Census and Report one is struck by the fact that there is no direct query as to where these people came from—only an indirect question as to how long they say they have been in this county. This obfuscates how many homeless are homegrown—job loss, marriage loss, illness, being turned out of foster care, etc. Second, Councilwoman Tami Ritter seemingly advocates for the homeless and not the general population.

If many homeless are not deemed good enough to stay at the Torres Shelter, by what alchemy are they suddenly fit neighbors for families with children, vulnerable seniors and students? Dee Mandic Chico Remembering Dr. King Today, April 4, , marks exactly 45 years since Dr.

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The new limit came as a result of years of petitioning by environmental groups to the State Water Resources Control Board. At least drinking wells in the state which serve nearly public drinking water systems have levels of TCP above 5 ppt, according to the water board. The chemical has been determined in lab studies to cause cancer after long-term exposure, according to the U. The adoption of the TCP limit may serve to strengthen the case of dozens of lawsuits filed in California on behalf of small California communities where public drinking water was polluted by the chemicals manufactured by Dow Chemical Company and Shell Chemicals, dating back to the s.

Room PM Entertainment PG. This comedy interview show hosted by Paul McDermott sees celebrity guests discuss their pet hates in the hope that Paul will banish them into the Room vault.

This is what the herpes virus looks like under a scope. Apparently people can be infected without showing signs of disease. Advertisement With half the students at Chico State carrying herpes and more than three-quarters of new STDs—particularly chlamydia—in Butte County occurring in people under the age of 25, the odds should scare even the most courageous of Casanovas into carrying a condom.

The number of reported cases, however, is likely only a fraction of the new infections because the majority of people infected have no symptoms, according to the Butte County Public Health Department. Most sexually active women undergo annual exams, so more cases are diagnosed in women each year than men. When diagnosed, chlamydia can be easily treated with a round of antibiotics.

The rates at Chico State have remained fairly constant, said Dr. Jeff Thomas, chief of Clinical Medicine. Between and there was a frequency of between 2. That means out of approximately 3, tests done each year about came back positive. As with chlamydia, gonorrhea instances have remained fairly constant as well, Thomas said.


For broader information about city, county, and state regulations see Permitting. As a university community Chico brings together the educational entities, the City and community resources to assist entrepreneurs and businesses to invest in Chico and create career pathways that yield a quality of life that includes economic prosperity.

Chico is a magnet to individuals seeking an environment where you can live and work while enjoying unparalleled access to outdoor recreation and the social spirit of a vibrant community.

4 Hours Ago. In coming weeks, the world’s biggest online retailer will sell the latest editions of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and other devices in the United States, Europe, Japan and India.

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[Request to Dr. Paul Harch to author this section is pending] [Example:] Modern technology has been a positive factor in the treatment of cerebral palsy and other forms of traumatic brain injury. Specifically, SPECT imaging, or what is commonly termed the SPECT scan, is helping to identify those parts of the brain that are in a dormant state due to a lack of oxygen.

Yeager was soon followed by other courageous men who would dare to fly into unexplored regions in that laboratory in the sky above the high desert. There, for the first time, they would pilot their craft past Mach 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, and up above , , thousand feet-and into near space. For almost six decades, Edwards has been the world’s premier flight testing and flight research center. The original museum opened in and hosted over 65, visitors before moving to a new facility in July The new 12, sq.

Other exhibits include aircraft hardware, personal memorabilia, aviation fine art and photography, and models. A museum centerpiece is the historical mural “Golden Age of Flight Test,” a 10 foot by 20 foot painting by noted aviation artist Mike Machat. Museum visitors can learn about the past, present, and future of flight testing in the museum’s theater, and souvenirs can be purchased in the small, but well-stocked gift shop.

Currently, 16 of the museum’s aircraft are displayed outdoors in the museum’s airpark. Eventually, museum visitors will view a number of other rare aircraft on display. The museum is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday, 9 a. Currently, due to security restrictions, the museum is only open to those individuals with official business on Edwards AFB or individuals attending a tour through public affairs.

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History[ edit ] The official name of the state is Chiapas. Chiapas painter Javier Vargas Ballinas designed the modern coat of arms. Hunter gatherers began to occupy the central valley of the state around BCE, but little is known about them. The oldest archaeological remains in the seat are located at the Santa Elena Ranch in Ocozocoautla whose finds include tools and weapons made of stone and bone. It also includes burials. One of these people’s ancient cities is now the archeological site of Chiapa de Corzo , in which was found the oldest calendar known on a piece of ceramic with a date of 36 BCE.

The San Jose State Spartans are the athletic teams that represent San José State sports teams compete in the Mountain West Conference at the NCAA Division I FBS level. San Jose State is one of seven universities in the state of California to participate in NCAA Division I FBS athletics, along with the University of California, Fresno State, San Diego State, Stanford, UCLA, and.

She not only participated in, but starred in three sports from In basketball, Janice led the Wildcats to three straight conference championships while setting several school records in the process, including rebounds and blocked shots. Janice was also an outstanding volleyball player for the Wildcats. Though statistics were not kept at that time, she was a team leader in blocks and kills. Janice was recognized by her coaches for her work ethic, dedication and team commitment.

As a first baseman, she traveled extensively throughout the United Stated in tournament play for the Stockton Raiders. Upon leaving Chico State, Janice returned to her hometown of Stockton where she has taught and coached for over twenty years at Thomas Edison High School. She continues in her three sport tradition, coaching volleyball, basketball and softball.

Stan was a conference finalist for four years, a two-time conference champion, a finalist at the NCAA Small College Regional Championship and team captain for three years. After completing his degree in physical science, Stan was commissioned a 2nd Lt. While on active duty, he complete a M. After his release from active duty, Stan joined the Marine Corps reserves, and retired as a colonel after serving his country for 30 years.

He retired from US Airways as a captain in , and currently runs a nutrition marketing company with his wife, Kathy.

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He was the first starting quarterback in the history of the Dallas Cowboys. Today, he’s a successful lawyer portrait at far right. He was an All-American quarterback at College of the Pacific, and following graduation in , with the Korean War starting up, he accepted a commission as an officer in the Marine Corps. He spent nine months in Korea, seven of them in combat on the front lines.

He was wounded twice, and was awarded the Bronze Star for an act of heroism at Heartbreak Ridge. Back in the States, despite his height generously reported to be he wound up as the starting quarterback job with the Washington Redskins when Sammy Baugh broke his hand, and, coached along by Baugh, he wound up throwing for yards and earning Rookie of the Year honors.

I first wrote this post about my dating experience in Medellin back in April of It’s and I continue to update this post. Medellin women are beautiful, and word is .

Lonnie Keith The Chico Police Department said it is still investigating if Keith is the suspect in at least nine other assaults of college-aged women dating back to August During the two incidents in September and October, the male suspect forced the female victims into the back seat area of a dark-colored sedan September and the rear cargo area of a dark-colored, larger SUV October. Both victims were then injected with an unknown substance that caused a sedating, drowsy-like effect.

At least one of the victims was then sexually assaulted. Both women said the back windows of the vehicles were covered. Both women had their hands and feet bound with plastic zip ties and their eyes covered with tape. Chico police detectives on surveillance in the South Campus area early Saturday morning observed a dark-colored sedan driving through the area at about 2: After observing a traffic violation, the detectives stopped the car and noticed the back windows partially obscured.

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Watch Now 1 Dead in Butte Co. Jafet Serrato Update 1: Monday, July 23, – Chico police are working with the Butte County Sheriff’s Office on the investigation of a fatal crash into a tree that occurred during a high speed chase.

The Bakersfield Smokers Timing Association conducted the first 1/4-mile drag race on September 9, In the first season, drag races were held 25 miles south of Bakersfield on Highway 99 to Mettler Station, then seven miles west on the Maricopa Cutoff.

At nine stories, it is the tallest building on campus as well as the tallest building north of Sacramento in California. Whitney Hall houses hundreds of students, along with resident staff. It is also home to the student dining hall, which is shared by students in the other on-campus dorms. Housing at Whitney Hall, as well as Chico State’s other on-campus residence halls, is generally reserved for first-time freshmen.

As of the early s, most rooms accomodated two students, with the exception of one larger room per wing on each floor that, due to the design of the building, housed three students. To become an RA one must apply through the University Housing and Food Service, usually in the spring, for the following academic year. On rare occasions an RA may be hired mid-year to fill a recently vacated position; it is only in extremely rare occasions that a freshman might be considered for that vacancy among potential candidates.

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In our fun summer program, your son or daughter will double reading speed and become a stronger reader and better student. Middle school is full of academic challenges. Students have longer, more complex reading assignments and must keep track of an increased workload. Students who improve reading speed, comprehension, and study skills over the summer start the school year with tools to take control of their work.

They understand and complete all of their assignments more quickly and with greater confidence. The Institute of Reading Development has taught valuable reading skills to more than two million students across the United States since

In my book, Salva Kiir-led Government of South Sudan is a big fat man, who in presence of the deaf, farts so loudly with a long note, forgetting that they have the sense of smell. What a man! Though there is no universal definition of a failed state, a failed state can be a nation.

Consolidate This Over the past few weeks, especially in the aftermath of the threat of a state-wide teacher walkout in Oklahoma With all of this discussion I had been brainstorming a blog post on the topic, but I’ve been busy supporting my district’s teachers in the walkout both by being at the Capitol People’s House in person and helping to give the ACT to our district’s juniors. This evening I received a message from a good friend asking for my thoughts on how to respond to a meme making the social media rounds comparing Oklahoma and Florida in relation to the idea of consolidation.

I wrote back mentioning that I’ve been planning to write a post about it and promised to do it tonight. Over dinner, I was scrolling through Facebook and multiple friends were sharing a post about consolidation that was attributed to one of our state senators, but not shared from him directly. I liked the content of the post, but felt the need to confirm the authenticity before sharing it myself. I’ve since sent the senator a private FB message and he replied confirming that he wrote it. So, I’d like to begin with these comments being shared around Facebook today that are confirmed to be from Senator Rob Sharp, a Republican serving Senate District 17 eastern Oklahoma County and northern Pottawatomie County.

One of the many myths in Oklahoma is consolidation of school districts will save taxpayer money. In truth, it is quite the opposite! The base of funding Oklahoma’s education system is local dollars known as dedicated revenue. Subsequently, there are 37 school districts that receive ZERO State appropriated dollars because of the wealth of that school district in which the students attend.

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