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Jas Singh – 07 Jun 1: I would love to see your diet plan as i have been clocking in high 12 and the lowest i have got to is 7. Hi there, sorry but we can’t include personal information on the post site. Rosie Hampton – 21 Feb I can’t remember the author, but he is American. He developed diabetes at age 9.

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What do Ukrainian women look like? Jun 14th, Share The charm of Ukrainian women is the stuff of legend. Somebody compares them to angels, whereas the others refer to them as fatal beauties. So what do Ukrainian girls look like indeed? The answer is simple: When you walk down the lanes of Kiev, you might think that the most typical Ukrainian belle is the one who is not very tall, thin and with brown hair.

Tinder is addictive because it was inspired by a ‘s psychological experiment that turned pigeons into ‘gambling fanatics’. Tinder executive Jonathan Badeen has admitted basing the dating app’s

This post contains affiliate links. We just wrapped up our love experiment for the month- having sex every other day. Time for a re-cap! It was also the most rewarding. Because sex takes energy and its just plain easier not to do it. Two years ago, Rich and I held a similar experiment and I wrote all about the outcomes of that in this post spoiler alert- the experiment went FAR better than I could have ever anticipated. He would come home and we would be legitimately happy to see each other.

We had lovey eyes. It was like this upward cycle.

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Badoo Study In this first test, conducted on the dating site Badoo, I published the results of a subset of dummy profiles. I begin by reviewing contact and reciprocation parameters. I tested what is the relationship between the attractiveness of initiators and recipients of the initial messages and reply behaviors.

I made the OkCupid profile of the Worst Woman on Earth, hoping to prove that there exists an online dating profile so loathsome that no man would message it. I failed.

We want to help you make your profile picture as interesting and engaging as the rest of your profile. To find out what makes a good profile picture on OkCupid we collected , example user pictures, paired them up and asked people to make snap judgments, like so: We collated these millions of judgments with the time of day each picture was taken, what the shutter speed was, and so on.

Almost all modern cameras embed this stuff in a special header, called EXIF data. Here are our findings: Prefer a professional camera over your phone? Well, the type and brand of camera you use has a huge effect on how good you look in your pictures. This is a plot of the most popular makes: As you can see, the general pattern is that more complex cameras take better pictures.

They might want to consider making sharing more difficult. Beyond the advantages or shortcomings of any specific brand, the more-complex-is-better trend bears out at all ages: And we also found similar numbers looking only at people who uploaded all three types of photos. Putting such a triplet together dramatically illustrates the difference in quality: This is another simple finding that needs little explanation.

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Posted on May 8, by Sir Tyrion Lannister The methodology and statistical variables are the same performed in Studies 1, 2 and 3 for male dummies, although here only are going to be collected the reply rates at first message. Geographical location is not changed. All female profiles sampled reached more than 99 votes.

 · The Soulmates Blog Home; Tips & advice Think about it, the more you try to ‘experiment’ with your clothes, the more likely you are to commit an unintended fashion faux pas. There is no need to be overly revealing either; exposing too much skin on a first date is an instant turn-off. Dating Locations. Valentine’s Day Blunders

This is the experiment i referenced in the earlier post. I got ALOT of responses to all 3. And I doubt all of them. For the record, I placed 3 ads. I was curious to see what responses each would get. I posted each in the same night, roughly a half hour apart from each other. I just would like an alternative, nerdy, neurotic lady who is looking for a guy who will appreciate them for the odd centerpiece that they are.

I prefer tallish, and athletic to average builds. If that fits you and you are a real person For serious, am I right?

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Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book. Their experiment had very basic ground rules: After the experiment, while reviewing some of their questionnaire responses, Tim and Jessie realized that the results were worth sharing and they turned the project into a blog which quickly went viral and resulted in, amongst other things, this book. This was a fascinating social experiment to read. Due to the layout of the questionnaires it’s really fascinating to get a literal he said, she said about each day of the project and to see how two people can perceive the same scenarios.

 · This week Christian Rudder, president of the online dating service OkCupid, announced in a blog posting that the site had, as an “experiment”, given certain pairs false information about their

Perhaps the key experiment in the history of modern science is Galileo ‘s demonstration that falling objects must fall at the same rate regardless of their masses. This is widely thought [6] to have been a straightforward physical demonstration, involving climbing up the Leaning Tower of Pisa and dropping two heavy weights off it, whereas in fact, it was a logical demonstration, using the ‘thought experiment’ technique.

The ‘experiment’ is described by Galileo in Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche literally, ‘Discourses and Mathematical Demonstrations’ thus: If then we take two bodies whose natural speeds are different, it is clear that on uniting the two, the more rapid one will be partly retarded by the slower, and the slower will be somewhat hastened by the swifter. Do you not agree with me in this opinion? You are unquestionably right.

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March 24, at There was some fuel for ambulances, delivery vehicles, taxis, and other forms of public transportation, and farm use, but I think I read that fuel was colored a specific color — was it blue? Seems I got lost in my own narrative! My point in all that is to say that people were basically forced to get up on their feet, and walk, or bike ride for their local transportation needs!

Shopping, going to work — biking being the most convenient way in many instances — which many more people now did more than ever before, especially women! As they were literally drafted into local industries, to spend their full time day hours at work, and still have their household to run afterwards! Exercise was packed into every single day, for almost every age.


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